The joint is jumping!

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks at Planet Grub…after a much-needed vacation camping in the Adirondacks, we started working on new flavors and perfecting some recipes. Crickatoffee was our first cricket treat, but we knew we wanted to keep working on it until we found the perfect buttery, brown-sugary ratio and get that toffee texture just right. This is it – the crunchy crickets and almonds are a great counter point to the delicious English Toffee. This might just be my favorite cricket treat yet!

We also went on a spice extravaganza testing new savory flavors, and this week will be serving Chipotle Lime, Smokey BBQ, and brand-new Wasabi-Soy roasted crickets at the Troy Waterfront Farmer’s Market, so stop on by at our home base Thunder Mountain Curry and try them all! While you’re there, grab some pad thai or a curry sampler!



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